Congratulations Mike!

Our Principal and Branch Manager, Mike Pugh, has achieved the designation of AIF®, Accredited Investment Fiduciary.  This designation is awarded to those who have successfully passed a strict test on the many policies and procedures involved with upholding a fiduciary standard of conduct within the financial services industry.  This achievement also reflects our team’s continued focus putting our client’s first.  Congratulations Mike!

We’re Growing!

Our team remains dedicated to continually offering excellent investment options and services to you.  A necessary and exciting enhancement is expanding the team!  Earlier this month, we introduced Mike Pugh, who will be focused on internal policy, procedure, compliance, and technology. Now, we would like to introduce Sarah Birkhaeuser, our first intern here at Pugh-Bellmar Financial. Please help us welcome her!

Sarah came to us as a referral from Keri Pugh, a connection the women made within their shared community.  Sarah’s role quickly expanded beyond our initial list of processing and data entry tasks, because of her strong attention to detail, self-driven nature, and fresh perspective.  With an unwavering interest in the many facets of the firm, she will be staying on to help us continue to provide the best possible service to our clients.  While much of her work is behind-the-scenes, discover her personal touches in upcoming marketing materials and on our website!

Sarah is a Junior at the University of Denver, majoring in International Political Economy and Spanish with a minor in Economics. When she’s not studying, she enjoys reading, traveling, and writing. She is the founding President of the University of Denver Book Club and tutors with South High School’s English as a Second Language program.  We are excited to have Sarah on our team, as both a reflection of our continued commitment to creating a welcoming and supportive environment for women and our desire to welcome the younger generations into the financial services world.

We hope that you will have the opportunity to meet Mike and/or Sarah, but know that you will soon get to experience the added value they bring to the team.  Thank you for your excitement and support as we move forward with these changes!


We’re Growing!

At Pugh-Bellmar Financial, our team remains dedicated to continually offering excellent investment options and services to you.  A necessary and exciting enhancement is expanding the team!  This month we will be posting introductions to our two newest members, Mike Pugh and Sarah Birkhaeuser. Join us in welcoming them to our team!

We would like to start by introducing Mike Pugh, focusing on internal policy, procedure, compliance, and technology.  This will allow Keri Pugh, who is also his wife, to more completely move into position as a dedicated investment advisor, a goal and passion of hers.
Mike is joining us with a rich history in financial services that has spanned over 16 years.  Throughout his career, he has worked to enhance sales and product platforms for several financial institutions.   He also spent time supporting financial services offices around the country, giving him a perspective on the many ways in which the independent firm model can be employed. He looks forward to streamlining systems and processes to address efficiency while also enhancing client interfaces with the practice.  When not working, Mike enjoys the outdoors, barbecue smoking and cooking, and spending time with his kids.  Mike is an alumnus of the University of Eastern Michigan with a degree in Finance.
We are excited to have Mike on our team to leverage his experience and knowledge of the financial services industry.

The Power of Grit

Is it possible to predict success? Former teacher and psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth explores the idea that talent and high IQ don’t necessarily result in successful outcomes. It’s students who show passion and stamina for working toward their long-term goals who seem to do better and tend to collectively understand that failure is never a permanent condition — a notable lesson for adults.

Is Saving Money in our Genes?

There may be a biological reason why it’s hard to save money.  Our minds were never wired to plan for future events.  Back in prehistoric times, “success” meant surviving another day, not planning to live to 95 or beyond! Click the picture above for some smart tips to help make you a better, savvier saver.

The Power of Compounding

Compounding can be paramount to a successful investment plan. When you put off investing to a later date, you risk having to invest much more money to counteract the effects of not investing sooner. This chart shows how time in the market can make the difference between hitting your important retirement goals and falling short.  This is a great chart to share with children or grandchildren who are just starting to save and invest.