It’s OK to Be Emotional About Your Portfolio

The textbooks may be wrong. Investors are not often rational creatures and won’t always be comfortable with the “perfect” investment plan. Perhaps some favor only domestic stocks even though having a globally-diversified portfolio can be more economically advantageous. New research explores how some investment decisions ruled by our “wants” rather than what’s considered good for us allow us the freedom we crave and help to balance our financial and non-financial desires.  Click on the image to read more. 

The Perils of Trying to Avoid the Worst Days in the Stock Market

Even if you somehow missed some of the worst days in the stock market, you would inevitably also miss the best days. Both are completely unpredictable — though they often occur close to each other. This is why the wisest plan is to stick to your long-term goals and not worry about when to be in or out of the market. Click the link bellow for more information on why it’s best to ride out market volatility.


Keep Your Brain Young with Music

Something enjoyable you may already be doing every day is making your brain sharper. Recent research shows that listening to music (or playing an instrument) gives your brain a total workout. Benefits include memory boost, lower blood pressure, and enhanced sleep quality. So bring on the Beethoven or Beach Boys, and click on this photo for more information about how the music you love can help keep your mind sharp!

Do You Need to Check Your Withholding?

Under the new tax laws, fewer people will need to itemize deductions. If you itemize, consider checking now to see if you’re withholding enough from your paycheck. The IRS Tax Calculator will assess any adjustments that should be completed as soon as possible to avoid overpaying or owing a penalty at tax time.


When to Shred Your Tax Records

Tax season is long behind us; but how long do you have to hold on to the actual files? If storing endless paperwork in your garage or guest room is driving you nuts, discover when you can safely dust it off and send it through a shredder.

Investor vs Total Return

Staying true to your long-term plan can be challenging during volatile markets. But as this Morningstar study shows, chasing returns can lead to unwanted expenses and confirmed losses — not an ideal way to plan for a secure financial future.


Make Your Donations Count

When it comes to charitable donations, you want to be sure that your money is being put to good use. Here are several smart recommendations to optimize your gifts to have the greatest possible impact.

Congratulations Mike!

Our Principal and Branch Manager, Mike Pugh, has achieved the designation of AIF®, Accredited Investment Fiduciary.  This designation is awarded to those who have successfully passed a strict test on the many policies and procedures involved with upholding a fiduciary standard of conduct within the financial services industry.  This achievement also reflects our team’s continued focus putting our client’s first.  Congratulations Mike!