Lifestyle Creep


Finally enjoying that well-deserved raise or bonus?  One of the biggest threats to our financial security is living beyond our means.  How can we stay focused on achieving our financials goals?   The next article provides insight on maintaining measured spending despite temptations to upgrade your lifestyle and smart ways to put extra money to work for you.

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Picture This! Smart Diversification Can Help You Stay on Track

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words!  And, it would be hard to find a better “picture” to explain why it is so hard to predict winners and losers, when it comes to global markets. This table or “Skittles Chart” illustrates how random stock market returns can be from year to year. One year, a particular asset class is a winner, the next it is a laggard. You can also see how a globally-diversified portfolio may help provide a more consistent investment experience.

The Most Overlooked Tax Breaks for the Newly Retired


As spring takes hold, it’s a natural time to dig out of hibernation mode and start organizing things…including information for filing your taxes. Learn how important tax breaks for the newly retired may help you get the most out of reaching this milestone. Use this article to help you discuss your specific tax issues with your tax advisor. 

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