Would You Like to be an Even Smarter Investor?


Fear, regret and over exuberance are just a few of even the smartest investor’s enemies.  One surprising way to be an even smarter investor is to get in touch with your feelings. This article by Dr. Meir Statman, an expert in behavioral finance (who we have the pleasure of working with), can give insight into different investing personalities, helping you understand why you make certain decisions and how you can curb unproductive investing habits.

Investor, Know Thyself

Turning a New Year’s Resolution Into Action


Meeting your financial goals can be easier if you are specific, so check out this article that suggests taking a sharp look at your expenses and income opportunities in order to turn those goals into reality. And while most of us find it easy to write down our resolutions, it’s a lot harder to keep them. Find surprising and shrewd ways to stay on your newfound track:

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