For Women

Welcome ladies! You may have heard that women face different financial challenges than men. But, you also may be wondering, where do I start?

Whether you are single, married, own a business, divorced, widowed, in your twenties, thirties, forties and so forth the questions are still the same. How much money should I be saving? How much should I be contributing to my IRA or 401k? How do I care for my children and parents at the same time? When should I take social security? When should I retire? How do I fund for college? Basically, how can I afford the life I want to live?

These types of questions are asked by both men and women everyday. However, women face a unique set of challenges. Typically we earn less money and live longer than men , so our money needs to go further and last longer. We are more likely to be solely responsible for our financial independence at some point in our lives due to widowhood, divorce or choosing not to get married. We understand and recognize these challenges.Remember, proper preparation and knowledge will help you take control of your financial future.We are committed to partnering with you in achieving financial clarity, comfort and confidence